Quadrant can supply survey resources and surveying management for all land, civil and structural projects, from boundary definition surveys to large scale infrastructure projects.

Services include:

  • Licensed cadastral and land development surveyors
  • Qualified and experienced engineering surveyors and assistants
  • Fulltime survey management and supervision of multiple survey crews
  • Machine automation management and quality assurance
  • Engineering and construction surveying

Quadrant combines experience and reliable surveyors with the modern GPS and total station technology, and integrates with the latest computer hardware and software to ensure reliability, efficiency and accuracy.

Quadrant has the expertise to provide survey services for all aspects of land development and construction, including: land definition and urban and rural subdivisions; ground improvement works and installations; road, rail and tunnel projects; building and structural projects.

Quadrant also has the knowledge and experience to manage and support machine automation and the associated data management requirements, calibrations and troubleshooting.

Expertise include:

  • Property definition surveys
  • Building set-out & location certificates
  • Small to large scale subdivisions
  • Subdivision resource consent applications
  • Unit Title & Strata development surveys
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Reinforced concrete construction
  • Structural, mechanical and piping alignment
  • EOM volume survey, analysis and reporting
  • Design modelling, data analysis and manipulation
  • Underground utility surveys and data management
  • Road and rail construction
  • Shaft, portal and tunnel construction
  • Plan draughting and production
  • Control network installation and maintenance
  • Settlement, pre-load and structural monitoring
  • Topographical and feature surveys
  • Site as-built and conformance plans
  • Machine automation management and QA
  • Supervisor site GPS systems
  • Drainage set-out and construction management
  • Bridge construction